Medals & Prizes

Sole Sisters Women’s Race is know for it’s exceptional bling; we’ve given out key-chains, tutus and in 2015 we introduced SHOE-BLING (you can read the Canadian Running Magazine article on it here) so you can be sure whatever “extra bling” we offer in 2016 will be awesome.

These are the 2016 medals. Don’t you love them? The first is the Sole Sisters 5K finishers medal, the second is the Sole Sisters Quarter & Half Marathon finishers medal and finally the third medal is the extra medal you get when you do both!

5K medal cleanfacebook medal for quarter146462_CleanImagefacebook image of the back of the medal

Shoe blingkevin lane medal

three_medals_togetherPrevious years medals and the 2014 Key Chain.key chain

Also, watch for contest announcements as Sole Sisters Women’s Race has given away over $50,000 in prizes to participants in four years.  The easiest way to be included in most contests is to follow the Sole Sisters Facebook Page but you do not have to be on Facebook or Twitter to win (it just makes it easy for us to announce the contests).