It's not about finish times... it's about finish lines.

Sole Sisters has become so much more than we ever imagined. It's a tradition among friends, family, and people we just haven't met yet.

Sole Sister participants since 2012!


  • Of all the photos that I've personally taken of a runner finishing their race, this is my favorite. I was with a crowd at the end of the Cabot Trail Relay 2 years ago that threw colors out for their teammate's finish. Racing in person will return eventually and won't we all be this excited. 
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  • The Sole Sisters Womens Race medals are supposed to arrive this week and when they do I'll start sending out the unicorns (race medal, bib, race wraps all have the unicorn theme). The virtual race window is June 6 - December 31, 2020.  Like all events this year, Covid19 changed our ability to have an in-person event but it was super important to me to send a bit of joy out into the world. And because gals get their additional swag next year, we've found a way to release unicorns in 2020 and 2021! And despite having to suspend registration and settling on a much smaller virtual event we've had more Girls Gone Gazelle Run Club virtual gazelles training this year than ever! Just imagine 50 young girls (plus siblings which brings the number higher) training in Dartmouth, Halifax and Cape Breton West.  That is thanks to all the Sole Sisters but especially the sponsors who understood our need to pivot, the greatest thanks go to them: Kaitlyn Ann, Plus Fitness with Tara, Scott Walsh of Walsh Performance and Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors!
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  • So many Sisters getting their virtual on this weekend.

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We did a thing today! I’ve always wanted to run in the Bluenose but have never been able to squeeze it into the long weekend. This year’s distance race made it easy! Michael doing it too gave me even more motivation.

My time was not great, but I am super slow on the treadmill. And, @solesistersrace has taught me it’s about finish LINES, not finish TIMES. Also my watch says I actually did 6.2k!

I should also note I’ve been out of running for about five years now and have just started up again using #c25k! Feels great to be losing weight and getting back on track 💪 
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  • Good luck to all the VIRTUAL racers, walkers and runHERs doing their thing this weekend. Oh and props on the mad video skillz Chrissy! Hope it was a great race.
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  • I saw this receipe yesterday and tried it. And it's so good that I had to share it. It's nice cream (get it... like ice cream) and only 2 ingredients: frozen blueberries and oat milk (apparently soy or almond milk gives a bit of a sharper aftertaste when frozen and I don't know if regular milk works). I love this! It's my afternoon snack as I post this too.
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  • Be the Inspiration @solesistersrace.
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  • Medal Monday - today we want to share with you the story of  Pamela's first marathon. Pamela had  the goal to run a marathon before turning 50. I've watched her training on social media, and this woman has been dedicated and inspiring.  Many mornings I've gone on line with coffee unsure if I would stay inside, walk or run that day.  But reading her excitement and enthusiasm for the process of training has often given me the boost to head outdoors. Remember, you never know who you are inspiring folks! #BeTheInspiration The super neat thing about Pamela is that she has been a @SoleSistersRace participant every single year. She was kind enough to send us a photo of her 2012 bling and yesterday's bling. She said "Sole Sisters was my first introduction to this running world and my first bling. I had to share that with you from where I started to where I am today."
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  • Thank you to the Mother Runner who shared her Mothers Day card from a Virtual Gazelle.

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One of our Cape Breton West @girlsgonegazelle gave this card to her momma today. I asked if I could share it. I just loved that running has become so important to this Gazelle.
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  • Sole Sisters Womens Race wishes everyone a Happy Mother's Day. Maybe you are a mother runner or maybe you are a runner made by a mother.  Happy Day to all of you.
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  • Today I ran and walked with my thoughts on Ahmund Arbery. Today would have been his 26th birthday. Instead he was murdered while running on February 23rd.

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The running world will come together for a virtual run on Friday, May 8, to celebrate and honor the life of Ahmaud Arbery, who was reportedly shot and killed while out on a run on February 23. “[Arbery] loved to run,” Jason Vaugn, Arbery’s high school football coach and one of the organizers of the run, tells Runner’s World. “He loved to do it. It cleared his mind and it helped him make sense of the world. Unless it was pouring rain, he was running.” For the run, organizers are asking runners around the world to dedicate 2.23 miles—the numbers represent the date that Arbery was killed—of their run to Arbery and his family. Once runners complete their run, they are asked to share photos and messages on social media using the hashtag #IRUNWITHMAUD. Tap the link in our bio to learn more.
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