Our 2017 Ambassadors

Naté-Janine is a spirited wife and mother of 5 who tries to find time to juggle it all, while balancing her family life and professional life. She is proud to share her story on how she shed over “100+ pounds” and created her own journey towards becoming a personal trainer and wellness coach.

Currently she operates New Journey Wellness specializing in Boot Camps and continues to coach New Journey Runners: Learn to RUN – for women only running group. She also manages to keep everyone in line and where they need to be as the Registrar Board Member for HaliFAST Athletics Track and Field Club. Although Naté has only been running for five years she has managed to cross the finish line in nearly 100 road races and fun runs to date.

Naté is also a coach with the confidence boosting Girls Gone Gazelle Running Club, the heart of Sole Sisters Women’s Race Series. She is an advocate for all women. Along her journey Naté is continually dedicated to helping women and girls achieve their healthy lifestyles, her motto: “Healthy living is not easy, but aren’t you worth it?”

Ambassador Coordinator
Sarah isn’t a natural athlete, but after attending her first Sole Sisters in 2012, things began to change….until they stopped.

After starting to learn how to run and completing four races, life got in the way and took her off the track. She refocused in 2014 and kept a blog to inspire and entertain us!

Each year she trains for Sole Sisters and will be the first to admit to you – it’s not easy. As an Ambassador and an ambassador coordinator, Sarah will be at the Socials, online and at the race, for YOU! Run/Walk with her, ask her questions, ask her for support.

She wants to help you get on track and have the BEST TIME EVER!

She works for a non-profit by day and when she does run, she prefers to hit the road over the treadmill and will stop for a dance break if the right song comes on.

Ambassador Coordinator
Catherine spent the better part of her adult life unhealthy. Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at 31, high blood pressure, a heart attack at 37, multiple bouts of life threatening kidney stones, coupled with the stresses of owning her own business and being 60 pounds overweight, it was a recipe for disaster.

Never having run before she did a race in 2013 without doing any training at all (something that she strongly discourages now). But at the end of that race, having met wonderful people that she is still friends with today and  receiving a big shiny medal, she was hooked!

She credits Sole Sisters Women’s Race Series with saving her life.

She is the first to admit that she loves her bling and has traveled to Nashville and Bermuda to get the coolest medals. She believes that anybody can change their life, they just have to want to. Encouraging women to take control of their health is something she strives to do everyday!

Amy is a novice runner who got started in the culture due to Sole Sisters. She began by walking and grew stronger, faster, and more efficient as she continually practiced and gained a lot of “know-how” from attending the Sole Sisters workshops.

The running “bug” stuck the day she ran her first race and saw the look of pride on the faces of her husband and two young daughters. Even more heartwarming was when her daughter told her, “Mom, you’re awesome!” After that day, she signed up for multiple races and this year will be participating in seven in total, two of which are the Sole Sisters Women’s Race Series event.

Amy’s gentle touch but exuberant personality and stubbornness will undoubtedly help any beginner overcome their fears and reservations!

Amy is a role model to her daughters and hopes to quickly become a cheerleader to you as you begin your journey of improving your walking/running skills!

Cindy started running in 2013, when a friend called and asked if she wanted to run a 5K race in the morning.  She laughed, but started thinking about maybe doing a run or two,  since she’s always up for a challenge, she thought, why not?  She signed up for a run in the summer, and that was when the race bug got her!Over the next three years, she’s completed over 25 races a year!  She understands the power of running, and the friendships that goes with it.

When not running, she can be found at either of her two jobs, or involved in some committee within Eastern Passage, her hometown.  When she does have down time, she can usually be found around her yard with her flock of pet ducks in tow!

Anja was not involved in sports as a child, although she was active because she was always outside playing and walking to and from school each day.  As she moved into adulthood, it became evident that regular exercise needed to be a part of her life.  But she was not athletically inclined, nor did she have the interest in sports or exercise.  Camping and hiking with Girl Guides and a bit of walking were her only sources of physical activity.

In 2013, a friend asked if she would take her place in the Bluenose Marathon 5K.  She enjoyed the walk, and haven’t looked back since! Her 2017 goal is to improve her running skills along side fellow Sole Sisters!

Joanne has been a runner since 2013 and loves the running community. Whether it’s running, volunteering, sharing info/events/etc on social media, or encouraging others to Learn to Run, Joanne loves it all!

Sole Sisters is important to her because supporting and empowering women and young girls makes such a big difference. As a mom of two kids, one of whom is a girl, Joanne wants her kids to grow up strong, fit, and confident. What better way to do that than to lead by example? Come run with us and be a Sole Sister for life!

Donna learned at the age of 50 that she had MS.  She gave up her job so she could live a healthy life.   Unable to walk more than around her house, she retrained herself to walk, then run.  The Dr. said that she would only get worse, but to their surprise she only got better due to her own program!

Donna now shares her story with others and helps get other women walking and trying a program of their own making, be it a gym or  made up program at home.When she discovered Sole Sisters she was hooked! Sole Sisters helped her heal more than she can say. So she now feels its time to give back.

Rhonda is a wife, proud mother and grandmother (Mimi) to an awesome 9 yr. old girl. In her early 40’s Rhonda was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, with the thought that her mobility was going to decrease and make her life difficult. After five long years she decided it wasn’t going to control her life anymore and started working with a personal trainer who understood the disease.

Feeling like a new person she decided to go one step further; a friend mentioned a good place to start was Sole Sister’s Women Races. With great hesitation and plenty of support from her awesome husband she signed up for the June 11 2016 race. Being self conscious of her ability, she started going to the Sole Sister Socials for encouragement. These ladies were AWESOME! After that race she was hooked! Now with even more confidence she has completed many races in the past year.

Rhonda hopes to be a beacon for those who feel that something is holding them back, and pay it forward the support she received from ‘Sole Sisters’.  She wants you to ‘Be your BIGGEST Competitor, Challenge yourself each day to be better than you were YESTERDAY! … and most importantly, to know that you are not alone’.

Denise returned to running in 2005 after a 15-year hiatus. After joining a friend at work for three mile runs during lunch (which she says she struggled through) they decided to do a marathon. Well Denise won her very first marathon and was hooked – and with lots of training and dedication Denise even managed to come in 11th overall female at the 2008 Boston Marathon racing as an ELITE!

Denise proudly points out that she is running faster now in her late 40s than she ever did in her 20s!



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