Our 2018 Ambassadors

Naté-Janine is a spirited wife and mother of 5 who tries to find time to juggle it all, while balancing her family life and professional life. She is proud to share her story on how she shed over “100+ pounds” and created her own journey towards becoming a personal trainer and wellness coach.

Currently she operates New Journey Wellness specializing in Boot Camps and continues to coach New Journey Runners: Learn to RUN – for women only running group. She also manages to keep everyone in line and where they need to be as the Registrar Board Member for HaliFAST Athletics Track and Field Club. Although Naté has only been running for five years she has managed to cross the finish line in nearly 100 road races and fun runs to date.

Naté is also a coach with the confidence boosting Girls Gone Gazelle Running Club, the heart of Sole Sisters Women’s Race Series. She is an advocate for all women. Along her journey Naté is continually dedicated to helping women and girls achieve their healthy lifestyles, her motto: “Healthy living is not easy, but aren’t you worth it?”

Ambassador Coordinator
Sarah isn’t a natural athlete, but after attending her first Sole Sisters in 2012, things began to change….until they stopped.

After starting to learn how to run and completing four races, life got in the way and took her off the track. She refocused in 2014 and kept a blog to inspire and entertain us!

Each year she trains for Sole Sisters and will be the first to admit to you – it’s not easy. As an Ambassador and an ambassador coordinator, Sarah will be at the Socials, online and at the race, for YOU! Run/Walk with her, ask her questions, ask her for support.

She wants to help you get on track and have the BEST TIME EVER!

She works for a non-profit by day and when she does run, she prefers to hit the road over the treadmill and will stop for a dance break if the right song comes on.

Ambassador Coordinator
Murielle is a new runner and she started running in 2016. The June Sole Sister was one of the first races that she registered for! With the encouragements of one of the Sole Sister Ambassadors, she decided to register for the October Half Marathon.

She used to be active but recognizes that over time, finding a work and life balance can be challenging. She decided to put a focus on her health and running his helping her achieve that goal. She loves encouraging other runners to take that first step and loves hearing each person’s success story and challenges. She even convinced her stepmother to start running at the age of 65!

She enjoys volunteering with Sole Sisters on race day and has not missed one event since her first race.

Megan never thought she could be a “runner”. Never in a million years had she imagined being able to cover a distance of 5km. That is until she decided to participate on a whim in the inaugural Sole Sisters event in 2012. When she crossed that finish line she was hooked!! That first event inspired Megan to give running a real try and the next week she was signed up for an official learn to run clinic. Sole Sisters proved to Megan that EVERYONE is welcome in this sport.

Joining a women’s running club and attending the Sole Sisters socials have continued to inspire and encourage Megan to learn to love to run. Megan is a proud “Back Of The Pack” runner and has run many 5kms, several 10kms and completed her first half marathon last October. Megan wants to help encourage other women to get started running – You don’t have to be fast to call yourself a runner!

Emme is a 14-year-old runHer. She started running to cross train for her other sports, swimming and paddling. When she became a Gazelle, Emme was hooked! She was inspired by strong, confident female coaches. Emme was lucky enough to run her first 5K, Sole Sisters, with her fellow Gazelle and sister, Charlotte.

Emme is thrilled to be a youth ambassador with Sole Sisters. She believes girls can do incredible things and hopes to inspire them. Emme loves the positive atmosphere at Sole Sisters’ events and can’t wait to cheer you on!

Erin, a health professional at the IWK, mother, Triathlon coach and triathlete.

Erin started in Sport at a young, swimming, playing basketball and rugby. After 13 years away from sports, Erin rediscovered her love of being active. When she was told “there’s no way you could do a triathlon”, she took that doubt as a challenge and made it a reality.

11 years later, Erin has completed over 30 triathlons, went to 3 (soon 4) ITU world championships on team Canada and has accompanied 6 junior athletes to the 2017 summer Canada Games. Running has always been a part of what she does, however After being diagnosed with a degenerative syndrome, Erin has re-focused her life to coaching and inspiring others to find their inner runner/athlete.

Erin had been an active volunteer for all of the Sole Sister’s races and is super excited to be one of the 2018 ambassadors.


Denise returned to running in 2005 after a 15-year hiatus. After joining a friend at work for three mile runs during lunch (which she says she struggled through) they decided to do a marathon. Well Denise won her very first marathon and was hooked – and with lots of training and dedication Denise even managed to come in 11th overall female at the 2008 Boston Marathon racing as an ELITE!

Denise proudly points out that she is running faster now in her late 40s than she ever did in her 20s!

Donna learned at the age of 50 that she had MS.  She gave up her job so she could live a healthy life.   Unable to walk more than around her house, she retrained herself to walk, then run.  The Dr. said that she would only get worse, but to their surprise, she only got better due to her own program!

Donna now shares her story with others and helps get other women walking and trying a program of their own making, be it a gym or a made up program at home.When she discovered Sole Sisters she was hooked! Sole Sisters helped her heal more than she can say. So she now feels its time to give back.

Crystal says she’s always been a bigger girl & never been into sports that much, but she dabbled in Volleyball, and softball in her late 20’s until she suffered a severe reaction to penicillin just days after her 30th birthday which left her bedridden. She had to actually learn how to walk all over again! After a few years of sporadic physiotherapy, and dozens of medications, she gained weight and was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Soon after, she was involved in a car accident in 2011 where she was rear-ended and suffered whiplash among other injuries, which set her recovery back and prevented her from being active for many years due to the pain. In 2015, Crystal’s boyfriends’ Aunt had told her about Sole Sisters and how much fun it was so she decided to sign up and made it her goal to walk a 5k.

Crystal did it with the support of so many friends and family, some of whom came from Toronto to join her in attaining her goal! She’s done the race every year since then & has also added some other races along the way too. This past August marked 10 years since that debilitating penicillin reaction and she decided to take control of her health by signing up for some yoga classes which she enjoys very much. When the opportunity arose to apply for Sole Sister Ambassador, Crystal felt like it was the right time to take the next step in improving her own health and helping to encourage others to do the same and have fun while doing so. She says she’ll never be the fastest walker on the race course, but if she can walk 5k, anybody can and she will do her best to inspire others to get out there and join the Sole Sisters family.



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