This International Women’s Day – Stop Waiting

Two Halifax business women come together for International Women's Day to launch their new campaign #StopWaiting! The #StopWaiting Campaign encourages Women to… well you guessed it… stop waiting. Sole Sisters Women’s Race and Halifax Boudoir Inc. are challenging women across Nova Scotia to do something they’ve been waiting for, this International Women’s Day. The companies often hear too many women say they want to get in better shape before doing their first 5K, or they want to lose a few extra pounds before getting those sexy photographs taken – and it’s time to #StopWaiting. (more…)

A Special Nod to the Maritimes

After winning accolades for being a bucket list race, having the largest tutu-run, the best medals, the most innovative race initiatives and finally as the largest women’s 5K in Canada we knew we had to celebrate the sixth year of our event with something special. So last year we hatched the plan to give Sole Sisters a kilt (as a special nod to the Maritimes) in their race kit.   In earnest we started researching styles, fabric and most importantly we started running and racing in a kilt to see how it felt and what folks thought when they saw it.  Unfortunately I made a few observations pretty quickly that I didn’t like. My kilt (and it was a sport version made with technical material) was too warm, It impeded my natural running ...

Go Tutu Girl

There is a saying that "fast girls have good times" and until April 2014 I felt that the fun part of that quote meant I was going faster than most other women (and men for that matter). But something happened that made me take myself far less seriously. (more…)