This International Women’s Day – Stop Waiting

Two Halifax business women come together for International Women’s Day to launch their new campaign #StopWaiting!

The #StopWaiting Campaign encourages Women to… well you guessed it… stop waiting. Sole Sisters Women’s Race and Halifax Boudoir Inc. are challenging women across Nova Scotia to do something they’ve been waiting for, this International Women’s Day.

The companies often hear too many women say they want to get in better shape before doing their first 5K, or they want to lose a few extra pounds before getting those sexy photographs taken – and it’s time to #StopWaiting. (more…)

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A Special Nod to the Maritimes

After winning accolades for being a bucket list race, having the largest tutu-run, the best medals, the most innovative race initiatives and finally as the largest women’s 5K in Canada…

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Go Tutu Girl

What right did they have to say that running could only be serious and that if you weren't fast you shouldn't be running? Ugh, it made me mad. Really mad.


A Powerful Picture

When we first saw this photo we cited it as being the most moving racing photo we’ve ever seen.

As we look back on the year (or on the first five years of Sole Sisters) we still feel that there simply has never been a picture as powerful as this one.


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