Since when have we ever kept the status quo?

Since when have we ever kept the status quo?

 As 2018 kicks off, we’re excited to have our Tartan-clad June 2018 race all ready to go, and it’s going to be everything we ever hoped. So make sure you’ve got your registrations secured, because you won’t want to miss this one. June 2018 here we come!


Now the reason for our email. Nothing great ever stands still – and we think we’re pretty great. We’re pumped to share that in 2019, we’re shaking things up and officially launching our Sole Sisters 2019 Girls Weekend!


Moms, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, sisters, friends… when was the last time you put yourself first? We’ve decided to combine our two amazing events into one, spectacular, energy-filled, tutu-powered weekend just for you. Take the whole weekend, make it about you, your races, your girls, your good time. You deserve it.


So what will the event look like in 2019? Nothing will change with our Saturday 5K, but we will be adding a timed 5K, Quarter and Half Marathon to Sunday morning! Of course, we still believe in Finish Lines Not Finish Times, so you can elect to be untimed on Sunday, but if you want to know – we’ve got you covered!


See? We’re planners. You’ll get to spend Saturday shopping, sightseeing, or be relaxing in your jammies with a mimosa, and then take part in our untimed 5K with hundreds of purple-wearing, energetic, tutu-tastic women. Then, we party together, and kick off Sunday with our timed events!

And the bonus for Sole Sisters that want to race more, or go longer? If you race on Saturday and Sunday you’ll be in the Tutu category.   So in 2 days, with 2 races you’ll get 3 medals and bonus swag for your category! 


Wait… we have one more, super exciting thing to share! Our slogan for 2019 is “Sole Sisters Just Wanna Have Run” in homage to Cindi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, (which we do too)! So look forward to a 1980s theme to Saturday night’s race and after-party.  We’re so excited, we’ve already found our leg warmers and scrunchies!


When we have something we’re completely, head-over-heels in love with – we know we’ve got to throw all of our energy into making it something remarkable. We won’t have our usual fall race in 2018, but instead, we’re going bigger, better and brighter into our Sole Sisters 2019 Girls Weekend. You won’t have a chance to miss us too much though, we’re still having Socials all year round so you can keep running or walking with a supportive, Sole Sisters community.  


This was a long message – can you tell we’re excited? Let’s sum this up for you… 

  1. Register for June 9th, 2018 today!
  2. Save the date for your first Sole Sisters Race Weekend – June 1-2, 2019 
  3. Gather your girls, let’s start planning! 


We’ll be announcing fun activities for that weekend as they get firmed up. This weekend isn’t just about walking or running, it’s about serious fun, tutu-power, purple-filled girl time!

? We’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it! ?

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