Sole Sisters Virtual Race registration is now open!

Sole Sisters Virtual Race registration is now open!

What is a VIRTUAL race?

Simply put a virtual race is a 5K, Quarter Marathon (10.5K) or Half Marathon (21K) race on your own terms. You choose the location, the time, and you run 5K to 21K. Virtual racing can be done on a treadmill at home or at the gym, at the beach, with friends, alone, in the evening, or at the break of dawn, whenever, wherever, it’s your choice.

Sole Sisters Women’s Race is Canada’s LARGEST women’s only 5K and there are so many sisters that have wanted to join us but can’t travel to the Maritimes. This allows us to travel to you!

So, without the elements of a traditional race, what’s the appeal? Well, for one thing, if you are new to running, it is a great way to stay motivated and build your confidence. Having a target, no matter how small, can be the difference between lacing up your trainers, or a night in watching TV in your pajamas. Virtual races are especially good for people who live in remote areas, work unsociable hours, or have children or other commitments that mean they are unable to predict their windows for running, but who still want the thrill of cold, hard metal in their hands at the end of it.

VIRTUAL RACE REGISTRATION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR JUNE 1-2, 2019 WEEKEND RACE IN DARTMOUTH! If you are looking to actually join us in Dartmouth then you need to register for the race at this LINK.

What is included in your Sole Sisters Virtual Race kit?

A gorgeous finisher’s medal is included because let’s face it, we race for bling. You will also find a tartan race wrap (this is a versatile piece of gear that you can wear in many ways in the summer or winter that is shows off the official Sole Sisters Tartan).  Due to the weight of our finish medals and the high cost of postage in Canada we have to charge from $10 to $30 depending on race category for shipping. If you have the ability to pick your kit up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia you can save shipping.

The VIRTUAL CATEGORY is for Sole Sisters that are not local or simply can’t join us at our race weekend but would like to do their own Virtual Sole Sisters 5K between June and December 31, 2019. Regardless of when you register, we mail the Virtual Kits on JUNE 7, 2019 (which is AFTER the Dartmouth event). Virtual Kit includes a Sole Sister Medal + Tartan Race Wrap. The VIRTUAL RACE KITS will be mailed starting the week of JUNE 7TH. Do not select this category if you are interested in the June 1st or June 2nd races.

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