Sole Sisters Women’s 5K Sells Out 2 Months Before Race

Sole Sisters Women’s 5K Sells Out 2 Months Before Race

April 30th – The Sole Sisters Women’s 5K has officially SOLD OUT. While this is great news for the friends and families that are registered we know there will be many disappointed to have missed out on a race that isn’t happening until June.

Last fall we changed our race course from Burnside Industrial Park to the stunningly beautiful course that begins at Graham’s Grove and travels through the City of Lakes in Dartmouth. This amazing new race course has replaced our large boulevards for lakes, paved trails and stunning views.

Our October event was the perfect opportunity to get to know our new course, and it was a huge success! Following the event, our race logistics team set to work to discuss our June event, and that’s when we had to make some tough decisions.

For the first time in Sole Sisters history we’ve had to make the hard decision to significantly limit the size of the race. We can no longer allow 3,500 to participate in the event (even with the wave starts we added in 2015). Our goal is that every Sole Sister has the best experience possible and based on the flow of the race last fall with 1,000 women, we have decided that we can comfortably allow 1,500 women to participate this year. We will be able to gauge how well this race size works for our new location and assess if it can increase in 2019.

But wait, we still have amazing news. We came up with a way to keep our 3,000 women happy in this location for the future! Next year, we will hold events over two days as we become Sole Sisters Race Weekend on June 1 & June 2, 2019.

It has been amazing and a real source of pride for Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to be the home to Canada’s Largest Women’s only 5K. But, Sole Sisters will never sacrifice quality for quantity. We have to maintain our high standards and we want to encourage every woman to keep racing and being active. Oh, and we checked, we’re still the largest women’s only 5K in Canada!

So, if you missed out on this year [It wasn’t your fault, it was ours!], you can still be involved! Would you believe 50% of our volunteers also race the event? We have all sorts of positions available and we give you a super cute race crew shirt to say thanks. Stay tuned for more information on that!

Ok, one more thing before we go – SAVE THE DATES: Saturday, June 1, 2019 and Sunday, June 2, 2019 for Sole Sisters Women’s Race Weekend. We will be opening registration for next year’s event THIS June and we have AMAZING EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION SWAG that will be available to the first 500 women/girls who register. We’re going to do our best to get registration open early so you can pick up your extra bling at THIS year’s race. This bling will keep you focused for NEXT year’s race and easily allow us to identify Sole Sisters (bet you can guess what is finally returning as our most favorite bling).

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