We have tried to answer all your potential questions but if we missed one, please email us at [email protected]

Is there baggage check before/after the race?
Baggage check will be available adjacent to the start and finish lines at 45 Graham’s Grove, Dartmouth.
Where do runners and walkers line up at the start?

All of our races begin at 45 Graham’s Grove in Dartmouth and showcase the City of Lakes by travelling alongside Lake Banook and Lake Micmac. The 5K course does not go into Shubie Park but if you are participating in the Quarter or Half Marathon then you’ll also be treated to the beautiful Shubie Park.  All races finish with the stunning view of the small peninsula that juts out into Lake Banook and creates a view with water on three sides!

The park is not surprisingly located in an area of Dartmouth called Graham’s Corner, which is on the southeast shore of Lake Banook, where Prince Albert Road intersects with the Circumferential Highway (Hwy 111).  If you’re headed eastbound on the Circ, take exit 6A onto Prince Albert Road.  If you’re headed westbound, take exit 6, then turn left onto Prince Albert Road. The parking lot will immediately be on your right.

At Sole Sisters Women’s Race Series we celebrate all women and all paces. But, for safety reasons we ask that the faster women (which is usually the runners but not always) position themselves at the front of the event. If you are here to have fun then please let those keeners be at the front!

Where do we park?
Not sure where to park for Sole Sisters?  There is street parking throughout Dartmouth but we ask that you do not park at the Superstore as they have limited parking for their customers. Ample parking is nearby at Mic Mac Mall but do not park right by the entrances instead choose the outer parking lot which is actually closer to the Sole Sisters race site. Enjoy a leisurely walk over to the race start.

Can I get a refund, deferral or transfer my registration to someone else?

There are no refunds. The race does offer a deferral option and the ability to change race distances. For 2019 we are following the lead of the largest event in the Maritimes, the Blue Nose Marathon (thanks!). Like them, we do offer registration deferment to future years. However, as a non-profit, we must find a way to recover out-of-pocket costs to order items for each runner in two separate years (i.e. t-shirts, medals, tutus). Please note there will be a modest fee of $20 to all registrants to defer their entry to the next year.  We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you back!  

You can also take advantage of the Transfer Option if you would like to change distance.  This only applies to the Sunday race that has 3 race distances. You are not able to transfer from the Saturday 5K to Sunday’s races. Return to your Race Roster account and change your race information to the race of your choice. There is a fee of $1.95 to transfer to another race distance.  If you are transferring to a higher race distance (for example: 5KM to 10.5KM) you will need to pay the race price difference at time of transfer. If you wish to transfer your race registration to another person, please follow the same process. Refunds do not apply. PLEASE NOTE, ONLINE TRANSFERS CLOSE MIDNIGHT MAY 10, 2019.

After May 10th all transfer requests will occur on race weekend at the Race Kit Pick Up/Expo on Friday, May 30th or Saturday, June 1st. No transfers will be processed on Sunday morning. Applicable transfer fees will apply on race weekend; $10 for transferring down in race distance or person to person transfer and $15 to transfer up in race distance.


What if the race is cancelled?
Race Day Cancellation: We will delay the start time, postpone or cancel the race if race conditions are deemed unsafe for the participants. We will not cancel the race for “uncomfortable” conditions, please come prepared for any weather. If weather should cause cancellation, your entry fee will not be refunded. Sorry, there are NO REFUNDS.
Are dogs allowed?
We love dogs. Heck we even named a race after our favourite dog (The Benny Bulldog 5K Trail Run in Shubie Park) but we do not allow dogs to participate (even girl dogs are excluded from Sole Sisters Women’s Race)!
What is the minimum age allowed to run?
For the 5K, children under the age of 6 are not eligible to register. Children between the ages of 6-9 years are permitted to run the 5K race, but must be accompanied along the route by a registered participant over 18 years of age. Parents/guardians not registered for the race are not permitted to run/walk the route with their child.

For the Little Miss Races we feel the 2K & 4K distances are best suited for girls 6-18 and encourage girls 5 and younger to do the 100 meter dash. However, we will allow you to self select for your child.

For the Quarter & Half Marathon, children under 14 are not eligible to register unless they have received prior approval from the Race Director ([email protected]).

Is our shirt size guaranteed when we register?
We make every effort to insure you receive the shirt size you requested during registration but shirt sizes are NOT guaranteed.
Do you have a cancellation or waiting list?
Unfortunately, we do not have the staffing required to manage a cancellation list.
What are the payment options?
All Sole Sisters events have registration online with payment by credit card. If you would like to pay by cash, check or eTransfer then send an email to [email protected] for instructions.
Are strollers allowed on the route?
Strollers are only allowed in the 5K. We do not allow Strollers for the Quarter or Half Marathon which go into the park.  Strollers must start at the back of the race, do not go to the front of the race with a stroller. This is for the safety of all runners and walkers (plus is a requirement of our insurance carrier).