At Sole Sisters, we believe that running promotes confidence, body-acceptance, socialization and… it’s FUN!  Sadly, 29% of our adolescence are at an unhealthy weight, and only 4% of girls achieve the recommended daily levels of physical activity. 


Make this something the whole family enjoys, and join us for a Little Miss Sole Sisters Race happening at 5:15pm on Saturday, June 6, 2020 before the Sole Sisters Women’s Races.   

Little Miss Sole Sisters are races for any girl 18 and younger to try walking or running in two possible distances: 1K & 2K.  The route is the last kilometer of the Sole Sisters Women’s Race (which starts in reverse but turns) for the full Sole Sisters race experience of purple flags, white finish chute, polk-a-dot finish line arch, music and announcer.  REGISTER HERE.

The races are not timed and each Little Miss can decide on race day if she is WALKING, RUNNING or a combination of both!  She can also decide the distance she completes because we start the 1K & 2K together. In fact, she can turn around and head for the finish line after any distance. You do not have to be a runner, you just have to be a GIRL! These races are meant to be fun!  We do not cancel for inclement weather (unless conditions are dangerous) so if it rains, just note, we still have the races. Sometimes it is sunny and sometimes it rains (event photos below show that weather doesn’t change the experience for the girls, they seem to do better than the adults when it rains).  

Little Miss Sole Sisters 1K & 2K walk/run races are entirely on the Trans Canada Trail. So we hope that all girls will be running confidently on their own. But, we will allow an adult to accompany their Little Miss Sole Sisters. We are going to start the two races together then wait a moment before the wave including adults. 

Beginning at Graham’s Grove the course utilizes the Dartmouth multi-use trail that parallels Lake Banook and proceeds either half a kilometer or one kilometer where the participants turn and return the way they came (for an out-and-back course). 

We have training SOCIALS in three provinces. Not sure what those are? Go to our page on them here.  Two of those socials are being dedicated to YOUTH and will offer free medals to the girls that join us. This is a chance to motivate before the actual race day. And we know from 22,000+ participants that girls/women love BLING. 
If you have an empowering event that you would like to bring to Little Miss Sole Sisters Races please get in touch with [email protected]
For example in 2017 we had an additional event where Athletics Nova Scotia and Women Active NS invited girls for a fun participatory track and field based event that included 2008 Olympian Adrienne Power



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