Three Pack of Sole Sisters Hero Masks

$25.00 $12.00


Three Pack of Sole Sisters Hero Masks

$25.00 $12.00

Face masks are now a part of our lives so instead of waiting to unveil our 2021 Sole Sisters theme of HERO, we have gone ahead and produced face masks now with next year’s theme. Does the fact we are showing you the 2021 theme now, mean we will move more quickly past the worst of 2020? We can only hope!

For many years now, we have asked our Sole Sisters TO BE THE INSPIRATION. And wearing face masks now is just one more way of doing that. So you can focus on the HER or you can focus on the HERO  that is on this purple mask but you are both things by wearing this mask.

If you are looking for only one mask, we are also selling them individually.

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This is a three-pack of Sole Sisters Face Masks utilizing our 2021 HERO design. These two-layer purple face masks with black trim are made with a polyester dry-fit outer layer and 100% cotton inner layer. Machine wash & dry-able.

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